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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Search for a Gym

Been searching for a gym since I moved out from the old place. While the gym was small, It was adequate for my need. There was 3 treadmill, 2 bicycle, 1 rower, 1 x-trainer, 1 multi-gym and some dumb bells. Now that I moved out and no longer has access to the gym, I really appreciate the convenience of having one right downstair. So my hunt for a gym begins.

Being the kiamseap guy, I will not pay the exorbitant membership fee and monthly fee for one of those atas gym like First, True or California. Since I reckon I will only goes once a week at most, it is not worth it. And what if the gym closes down?

Then I discovered that there was a small gym at the CC near my new place. The gym charges a cheapo $2 admission fee very very affordable  and it just 1km away. So I jogged there one evening as a warm up and got my first shock of the evening. At the counter, the girl told me to wait. The gym was full! And so I sat there while my warm up went to waste. Finally after almost 20 minutes I got to go in. And the 2nd shock of the evening. The place was crowded with those beefcakes  - those muscled guys with the 1 size too small cut off tees and who only uses the dumb and bar bells and preened into the mirror every other seconds. They were everywhere and sitting on very available bench or chair nevermind that they were not using them It seems like there was a large group of them who trains together. Worst thing is, those guys look like they could eat me for breakfast/supper so I made a quick exit after 30 minutes on the bike.

Then a colleague told me there was a gym beneath her block of flat in Tampines and it was empty most of the time. So first opportunity I had, I checked it out. Imagine my joy when I saw it was totally empty and at 7.30 pm in the evening! 4 treadmills, 2 bikes, 2 steppers, 1 x-trainer, 1 multi-gym and some weights including 1 bar bell. Great! But the joy was short-lived. Half the equipment were not working. The dumb bells were all rusty and there was no bench for the bar bell. No wonder the gym was empty! Sighed. So the hunt continues.

The HDB Void Deck gym

The HDB void deck gym
The lady at this gym told me there was a big gym on top of the swimming pool. So another day I dutifully made my way there. It turns out to be the Club Fitt gym managed by the SSC. Rows and rows of gleaming equipment. You name it they have it. It was almost enough to make a beefcake weep. And it was only $2.50 per entry. No lumpsum fee, no monthly fees. Have I found gym utopia? Not quite. There is a time limit of 25 minutes on the cardio machine and some of the equipments looked very dated. And there were more beefcakes hogging the free weight sections. Guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too? Can I? 

The Club Fitt Gym
The Club Fitt gym

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