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Monday, March 07, 2011

From Pasir Ris to Punggol in 30 secs

After hearing Kayano, Mike Kang and friends raving about the Lorong Halus Wetland, and reading in the papers about this place, decided to go for a fun run to explore the area. But instead of starting from Punggol like most people do, took the lazy way out and drove all the way to the Lorong Halus Wetland and started from there.
From Pasir Ris Drive 1 to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 just follow the sign to Lorong Halus Wetland

The map of the Wetland which is actually a sort of landfill of rubbish
This bridge connects Lorong Halus to Punggol across the Serangoon River. Not a very long bridge. A fast run of 30 secs should bring one from Pasir Ris to Punggol.

Along Punggol Promenade. This park connector connects all the way to Hougang.

Running along the Punggol Promenade park connector is nice but I wish I can run in the forest on the opposite side!
This interesting building is a toilet!

Back on the bridge, is this view of the Serangoon Tidal Dam.
So we ran towards it on this trail. Not very long though. At most 400 metres only and it leads out to the sea

U turn onto this road. Very nice. Newly paved.
Very long road
Still no end in sight
Finally the end of this long long road
There is this trail but there is a chain across.
But a puny little chain is not going to stop  me. The trail leads to this
And this

But the place quite smelly. Maybe it because of all the landfill beneath

Another trail.This one got a solid No Entry and many dogs. Better siam

Finally back at the Wetland. Distance - only 8km.
Too short. Continue some more loops around the place and make it 10km.

And this is the total route

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