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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twilight Ultra Challenge

Another weekend another race. But this one is another race with a twist. This is an ultra event only for the fit and the best which was why instead of running, I am back in the volunteer role. The race is organised by good friends from sgrunners who have formed their own company to organise niche races. There were only about 200  participants but since this was a niche race and for the fit and elite, the number was acceptable.

Participants have 16 hours from 5pm on 26 March to 9am on 27 March to complete as many of the 10km loops as possible. Kaypoh me and the Mrs plus the Princess who decided to tag along were deployed with some other student volunteers to the water point at the 7.5km route to while away the long long night. And of course we had fun and Uncle here still managed to get some shut eye while the runners went up and down.

Here are a few of the pictures:

The volunteers from HCI and Nanyang Poly

This is the Champion!


Part of the big contingent from Malaysia

Representative from Sgrunners!

MP3 ran out of battery?

Twilight run still need sun visor?

This guy completed 100km without breaking a sweat!

Friend who ran 50km despite nursing an injury!

Run and snap

You got compact I got DSLR! The famous Tey, the running photographer from Malaysia!

This team came for a party including one girl in a pair of sandals!

This lady forget the run and started at 6am on 27 March - 14 hours behind everybody else!

Yes everybody who took part no 1!
More photos here

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