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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Friday Run with Punggol Runners and Team Fatbird

On  a bright shiny Good Friday morning, we joined Team Fatbird and Punggol Runners in a holiday run at the Lorong Halus trail and wetland. Almost 100 runners turned up. I expected anytime to be stopped by the police for illegal gathering but I think the police are too busy with election matters to be concerned with mere runners.

This was the first time I am running with the Punggol Runners despite many invitations previously. This time round, only a few of us know the trails within the rubbish landfill so we had to oblige and turn up to lead them in. As usual, the trails were wet and muddy and the oil patch had grown much bigger since the last time we were there.

Kayano led the main group up to the dam and into Pasir Ris Farmway before meeting up at the Wetland. Meanwhile, lazy us decided to take a break at the Wetland and did not follow through. We ran back via the new Ponggol PCN through to Hougang PCN before calling it a day with a nice breakfast at the food centre.

Doing this type of run, I am always surprised by the type of runners that turns up. There are the usual speedster, those out for a nice run and those who simply want to run in a new place. What I am surprised at is the obviously unfit participants. While we generally welcome all runners, sometime managing people who can't run and yet want to cover the full distance can be really a pain in the neck. Its fine if a not too fit runner gets cramp, that is okay but if the participants (I hesitate to use the word 'runner') are so unfit that they have to walk almost from the outset. what makes them think that they can cover the long distances on trail? I am not too sure whether they notice the distances that the group is coming.

I am not being an elitist but in order that such long runs do not drag into the late morning, perhaps next time organiser should have a sort of minimum  qualifying criteria for long runs such as these.

For those newbie who are just starting their runs, they should consider joining group runs such as the U Zonal Run, I Run or the various group runs by the various apparel companies.

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