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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Idea Marina 21K Race Route

Somebody posted in the forum the route for the Marina 21km race which I had signed up. It encompass a major part of the East Coast Park and with a little bit of extension to the Marina Barrage. If this map is correct, then I will be very pissed to have been cheated and to sign up for what was promised on the website:

"Marina 21K is a half marathon and 10km run set in the newly minted Marina Bay East Park of Singapore. An evening race, runners will get to set foot on the footpaths that winds through Marina Bay, Tanjong Rhu and Kallang River Basin. Never too far from the water, this race promise to open up your senses by drawing you into the captivating scenery of the Singapore Marina Bay skyline."

I wouldn't have sign up and pay $48.00 if there was nothing new to see. After all, I can run at East Coast Park for free anytime and I certainly don't need the t-shirt or medal.

This would be my choice of race route. A run through the 3 new Garden by the Bay and then the Marina Promenade with the beautiful night lights and then through the serene Tanjong Rhu estate before going into East Coast Park (not much choice but at least just a small portion of it and better than 2 loops). 

Marina 21Km race organiser - you reading this?


  1. Hi there. My name is Leong and I am one of the organizer for Marina 21K. There is a clarification to your comment/suggestion and it can be found here.

  2. Hi Leong, Thank you for the clarifications. But hope it won't be 2 loops as well