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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Trails in the East - Tampines Quarry

Been doing a lot of runs in the Central Catchment area so it was a nice surprise to find a trail right in the East that is near enough for me to run from home. So this, plus Lorong Halus plus Eco Green & Tampines Mountain Bike Park made 3 trail routes all within 5km from home. 

The entrance to the latest newly discovered trail:

The place is mainly forested area with lot of vegetation and sound of chirping birds all over. Of course, on the minus side, there are also plenty of mozzies.

Some part of the trails are lovely to run. Like this portion with beautiful overhanging trees forming a well shaded canopy.

Unfortunately, there were also plenty of mud pools like this one which almost render the whole path un-passable. In facts, there were many parts along the way where I had to u-turn in order not to get too dirty.

The long grass on the side hide many small little paths with bike tracks. Went along a few but unfortunately due to the above mentioned mud paths, was forced to turn back several times.

However, the reward for running in this virgin area was a great view of the Tampines Quarry.

Unfortunately ran out of time and couldn't explore the far side behind Paya Lebar Airbase or the HDB sand quarry. In the end had to contend myself with a 5km run around the quarry. Will be back again and next round hopefully can carve out a 10km route.


  1. hi! where's the entrance to this trail? were you using Garmin or any mapping tools that captured your route? thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Hi Dave, you can go in via Tampines Ave 10 across the road from the carpark B of Bedok Reservoir Park or from Tampines Industrial Ave 1 which is where the 1st picture was taken.

  3. thanks Tekko. will have to check it out next time i run Bedok Reservoir.

  4. "In facts, there were many parts along the way where I had to u-turn in order not to get too dirty." Come ooon this is about trail running right? Getting dirty is one of the best things. =:)
    Nice article, by the way, I'm a foreigner and I'm discovering new trails with your blog, thank you very much!

  5. Hi Tekko,

    Is there anyway where I can contact you to learn more about these trail running routes in Tampines? I would love to lead a walk that covers Mountain Bike Park, Tampines Quarry and the new Eco Place, but I am completely unfamiliar with Tampines, would love to learn the route from you. My name is Janice and my email is

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

      The Tampines Mountain Bike Trail and Eco Green are next to each other and easily available via public transport. You should have no problem getting there from Tampines MRT station. From Tampines MRT station, walk towards Sun Plaza Park or take feeder bus no 293 and once you reach Tampines Ave 9, you should be able to see the entrance to the Mountain Bike Trail and Eco Green on the other side of the road.

      The Tampines Quarry is opposite Bedok Reservoir Park along Tampines Ave 10 and need a little bit of searching. The entrance is just a little trail along Tampines Industrial Ave 2 It is rather small and rugged and other than the view of the quarry, there is nothing much to see unlike say Sungei Buloh or MacRitchie Reservoir.

    2. Thank you Tekko, I did a trek around it's circumference in the dark and it was a wonderful trek! Lots of challenges, what a gem in the east!