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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Never Stop Exploring -TNF Trail Run #6 Preview

The mysterious Woodcutter's Trail. Much has been said about this trail. Where is the exact location? How to get in? From which end and how not to end up in the swamp or the helipad? No such problem for us as we prepared for the final TNF run in the series. We got the service of a "tour guide" and we ran, very smoothly I must said from one end to another and back again.

But was the route as difficult to run as it was made out to be by those who have went there before? Certainly, one of the most difficult thing I find about the place was that we were running mainly in heavily forested area along a small trail passable most of the time to a single person. Everywhere looks alike and one can easily get lost if one take a wrong turn. Furthermore, the ground was full of hidden and "visible" dangers. There were rocky paths, leave strewed paths that cover roots, stumps and what not's that could easily trip an unsuspecting runner. Looking at the ground is not enough, there were many fallen branches, trees, vines hanging every which way waiting for the poor runner to run smack into it. Then there were some water crossings - small little streams with fishes which if one is not careful, could mean a nice little bath. Enough said, a picture is worth a thousand words and here are some pictures of what participants in the next TNF run at Woodcutters Trail can expect.

Most  of the trails were in densely forested area
Everywhere looks alike
Finally out of the woods!

Back into the dark forest

A path that is totally overrun by roots. No running here for sure!
A fallen tree blocking the whole path. Climb over or crawl under?

What to make of this?
Notice the broken off stumps dangling in the middle!

A vine hanging right across the path. No problems?
Don't be so sure. Check out the thorns!

Another fallen tree. Mind the head!
"River" crossing! Lucky got rope to help walk across the log
No rope for this one. Just balance carefully lah!
Forgot to add. A lot of upslopes

When will this forest end?
Nope more of the same!
A stream, a brook or just a big pool of water?

More upslope!

More fallen tree!
More river crossing!
More forest!

Finally out of the woods! Hurray
Awww we back in there:(

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