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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Whinings

This is one of those whining post so don't read on if you can't tahan this.

It has been 7 weeks since the injury and I was all hopeful when I visited the doc for a review. After all, there has been no pain in the foot for almost the whole month and I was walking normally without the Hellboy's shoe. Got the x-ray done. A callus was forming over the fracture but the crack could still be seen very clearly. So the doc said no running, not until the next review in early October. What a bummer! That means I will have to dns 2 more races including the TNF 100. Sighed. And I have signed up for so few races this year and now got to sit out 4 races. But that wasn't so bad. There will always be another race another time so it's no big deal.

But what is bad is that without any form of cardio, I am going to get fat, not just fat but fat fat! My 6 - 7 meals a day is still ongoing. Habit dies hard although I am trying to cut down on the portion but it's a nightmare at home during the holidays and weekends. There is always food on the table and every hour, somebody will utter "eat" and the eating can go on and on. The only real form of exercise I can do now is some strength exercise. No cycling, no swimming, nothing that can weight load the foot or stress it too much.  Luckily, following yesterday review, I am now given the go ahead to swim but swimming has never been my forte and I don't see myself swimming more than once a week even though the swimming pool is now just a 5  minutes walk away.

The other thing that pissed me off no end is people telling me not to run forever. I appreciate the well meaning concerns but would I be better off being a couch potato? After all, at my age, there isn't really much safe activities that I can do. Cycling? I think here in Sg more people get injured and die from cycling accidents than runners dropping dead. Swimming? How often can I swim anyway? 3 times a week? Is that going to be enough to compensate for all the calories that I consume? Racket sports? With my bad knee and now foot, any jumping up and now is definitely a no-no. Balls sports? I believe I know more people with ACL injuries from playing soccer than from running. So maybe table tennis or croquet? Or what about chess? So to my friends and relatives if you are reading this, if I choose to kill myself by running, so be it. I appreciate your concerns but please keep your advice to yourself unless you are a trained professional.

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