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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Venus Run No More

The 2nd Venus Run for women has come to a premature end barely 2 weeks after registration opens. Scheduled for 11 March 2012 at the Bedok Reservoir, this race which was to celebrate International Women's  Day has the dubious honour of being the first race in Singapore to be cancelled. Ostensibly, the reason as stated on the SAA's website was "In order to ensure the best Venus Run race experience for you, it is with much regret that the Venus Run will be postponed till a later date."

Huh? When does having a best race experience means cancelling the race? Read between the lines, and I think the pure and simple reason is "Poor Response = Not Commercially Viable = Cancel Race". 

What do they expect? Launching a race just 1 month before the race day? And no publicity at all! It's no wonder there is no response. Which is a waste considering that the sidekick who took part in it last year really enjoyed the race. In my opinion, last year's race was one of the better organised and value for money race

There are obviously lessons to be learnt here.

1. Prepare for the event well in advance and launch it early (but not too early)
2. Have a proper marketing program. Don't take the running public for granted and assume that the public knows about the race and sign up automatically.

I hope all the other race organisers out there sit up and take notice. Do not clap and applause that there is 1 less competition for the race money. If it can happen to somebody like SAA, it can happen to any other, especially the smaller outfit!

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