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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another One Bite The Dust

The over-saturated race scene has claimed another victim - this time the Sundown Ultra-Marathon. The organiser decided to cancel this year edition because it suffered a $250,000.00 loss for last year edition. That it suffered a loss, I am not surprise. Splitting up the event over 2 weekends was pure madness. Fact is there simply isn't enough ultra runners and holding an Ultra event of such a magnitude is bound to fail.

In the same newspaper report of the cancellation of the Sundown Ultra, the TNF Singapore was also reported as being in the red for the TNF 100 Solo. So will we also be looking at a cancellation of that event as well?

One thing is certain.With practically a race very other weekend, the race calendar is so crowded that it has forced the 100 Plus Passion Run to postpone its race in May to a later date. The same thing happened to the North East Run last year. Who else will be next?

Word has it that a certain major women race has also been cancelled. But there will be many more new races to replace it - like the Sculpt Run for Women, the Pocari Sweat and maybe a K-Swiss Run and for the Ultra junkie who miss the Sundown Ultra - a brand new "Crazy Ultra"!

With spmany more races to choose from and limited pocket, runners are spoilt for choice. Runners should collectively assert their power and vote with their pocket - take part only in races that are well organised and do not shortchanged the runners. Boycott the badly organised races and hopefully we will not see races such as the Marina 21 or the Tri-Factor Run anymore. Organiser should also refrain from organising the usual 10k race at the East Coast Park or Marina Bay but come out with creative races much like the Energiser Night Trail or the Nike Goddess Run or the Tiong Bahru Trail Run.

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  1. I guess that's why I myself have refrained from participating in many races this year, bad experiences with some and some are just overpriced (and also due to work+school commitments). Would be better off saving the money for overseas races such as Sabah Adventure Challenge etc.