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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twilight Ultra Challenge 2012

Last year I enjoyed myself at the Twilight Challenge although I didn't ran in it. This year, again I didn't run. I also did not volunteer. Due to a busy weekend schedule, I had only a window of 2 hours to kapo there. That I did and for about an hour and a half, I parked myself at a part of the East Coast Park and snapped away.

But more than pictures, I went away filled with awe and admiration for these men and ladies who braved the chill of the night and the heat of the day to complete the gruelling ultra. Some people may scoff at our "standard" of ultra but I have no doubt that for each of the participant, it was as tough if not more than those overseas. Singapore may not have the rolling hills but what it does not have, it more than make up for in its humidity and heat. Add rounds and rounds of pounding on the hard concrete surface of East Coast Park and sleep deprivation and the temptation of the barbecue, and I sure the Twilight Ultra is right up there in terms of "shiongness".

Anyway, a picture tells a thousand words. Just look at the shag faces here:

But of course, for everyone that is shag, there is another who looks like he just got out of bed and went for a nice morning stroll, like these few fellas

But no matter what, they ran, they shuffled, they walked and I am sure they would have crawled if necessary, but they completed their Ultra, be it 50km, 60km or 100km.

She walked
He ran
He danced

And of course how can I miss out this gentleman. 70 years old Uncle Oliver. At 10.00 am, some 10 hours after the race was flagged off, he was still running steadily putting people like me to shame.
More photos here

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