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Friday, April 06, 2012

A comparo Saucony Kinvara 1 vs Saucony Kinvara 2

After slightly over 30km of running in the new Kinvara 2, I think its time to compare how it fares with its predecessor. Like the other shoes in its range, it comes in multiple color but here in Singapore, only 3 colour versions are available, the black/green, white/blue and white black. Originally, I wanted the orange/black/yellow and so went online to get it but it was out of stock and so I settled for the black/green which cost about $40.00 cheaper than if purchase from the local stores.

Design wise, much has changed. The pattern on the body itself for example. In the Kinvara 2, the design lines are more fluid and classy. The silver and black luminous strips are pasted/sewed on unlike those in the 1 which are mere printed patterns.

On the top upper, nothing much seems to have change except that there is now a front eyelet for the shoe lace where the logo is.

On the inner side, almost everything is the same except for the heel strip.

So physical appearance wise, they are almost identical.except the fabric used for both shoes seems different. A bit more stiff in the 2 compared to the 1. Is that just a perception? Maybe so but it certainty seems to feel different.

The sole also looks exactly the same. In fact, other than the color scheme, nothing else has changed.

At the back, other than the different in design, there is one significant difference- the inclusion of a thicker heel collar. Probably mean to reduce abrasion for those who prefer to go sockless. For the same reason, the  heel counter is significantly lower.

Ok enough of the physical differences. How does it feel on the road? In my review of the Kinvara, I rated it very highly. Read the review here The 2 is still the same. I guess the people at Saucony is simply not prepared to fix what ain't broken. So seriously I have nothing much to add other than to repeat its a great shoe. And I am considering getting a 3rd pair in my fave colour which is now in stock. Or should I wait for the Kinvara 3?

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