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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Project Tummy Resurrected

I gave up on Project Tummy after 3 months. So what if I didn't reduce my weight to 75kg? The daily weight in isn't going to help. But surprise surprise, weighed myself recently and by golly, the weight has dropped to 74kg. The weight now fluctuates between 73.5 to 75.5Kg. Why such a big range? Don't ask me. Ask the weighing machine:)

But anyway I figured what happened was this.

In the first month or phrase 1, I was concentrating on losing weight via the classic burn more calories method. However, the way I went about doing it was not to exercise more but to exercise or to be more precise, run less. Instead of doing LSD, I switched to a combination of the now in fashion HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. As a result, the monthly mileage averaged around 120km.  Food intake was  as per normal. 6 - 7 meals a day. Ultimately I guess not enough calories were burnt.

In the 2nd phrase, I decided to watch my food intake using a app on the mobile phone. And true enough, for the period that I was monitoring, there were more "gain" days than "loss" days. No wonder cannot lose the weight. But calorie counting is too troublesome and I soon gave up and just forget the whole thing.

But I did do something else. I skipped 2 meals out of the 6 - 7 I take a day. The 9am office breakfast and the night snack were dropped. So sad no more late night chocolate. I also reduced my intake of the already less sugar soya drink to twice a week. Exercise routine continues as per normal.

And I guess this is what works. Finally, I was burning more than I was gaining. The trouser is a little bit loose now but I not measuring it yet. The tummy is still flabby but it's okay. No longer young so can't really be bother. So at the end of the day, weight loss is still a simple matter of burn more calories than take in calorie .


  1. I'm burning a lot more calories almost everyday now. As long I cycle to work. Its a 52km round trip, so about 1,500 calories. The weight does not change much, but the fat thickness sure is telling the truth.

  2. Great for you. Do you have a place to shower after the ride?