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Saturday, August 04, 2012

From Zero to ????

I have this friend. One year ago, he could barely run 6km. Now, he is talking about completing the Ironman! In the space of a few short months, he has gone from a novice sportsman to a hard core fanatic triathlete. He  wakes up at 4 am to cycle, talked about open sea swimming and runs home from work. He goes overseas to cycle, run ........almost every weekend. 

I seen so many people like him. They started off tentatively and once they got hooked, they went to the extreme. They jumped from minimum mileage to super high mileage, think that they are invincible and refused to take a break. 

The saner one of us knows sooner or later they will get injure and burnout. But when we uncle who eat more salt than they eat rice try telling these young heroes to slow down and take a break, we are me with scorn and ridicule. People who are past their prime should just be seen and not heard. Sighed:( Guess we old fogeys better keep our mouth shut and just concentrate on our own stuff instead of being a kapoh.

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