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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Sad Saga of USADA vs Lance Armstrong

From bullying countries like all the rest of the world, to organisation like Standchart Bank, to individual, the bullying from the biggest hypocrite in the world never seems to amaze me. I don't know from where the United States of America think that they can can impose their will and decision on everybody.

They loves to talk about justice, equality and yet in this sad shameful case of Lance Armstrong, it seems that the rules doesn't apply. No positive doping test after hundred of in competition, out competition tests?  No problem. Guilty as charged! Limitation period expired? No problem. Just extend at will!

What happened to human rights that they are always proclaiming about and telling the rest of the world to observe? The rule doesn't apply to them at all.

Everybody agree that Armstrong's victories were nothing short of miraculous. My friend and many others are convinced that he must be doping or doing something to his blood. But like the man himself pointed out, after so many tests, nothing has been detected. One can have their suspicion but without any evidence, surely he cannot be assumed to be guilty. Did I hear somebody said Landis and some other are accusing Armstrong and will come forward to testify against him. Hello, there is such a thing as hearsay in law and framing another person out of spite and jealousy is not unheard of in the cycling world. 

I know Armstrong's refusal to stand before the USADA doesn't look good for him. But I can understand his frustration and where he coming from. Read his full statement here.

Many people out there believe Armstrong is guilty. Some think he is doing some sort of blood recycling. They can think what they they want. I think Santa Claus is real. I also think Elvis is still alive. But do I have the evidence to back up what I believe in?

We will probably never know whether Armstrong is guilty or not. But until real evidence like positive blood test is produced and not because somebody said he did, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Remember - innocent until proven guilty. 

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