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Friday, March 01, 2013

1st Eastside Run 2013

It hasn't been easy to find a time to organise another Eastside Run. And frankly despite the East being the running oasis of Singapore with the long breezy sunny East Coast Park, we have been there, ran there and it isn't easy finding a route to make it interesting to warrant organising a special run.

Nevertheless, every time I meet some runner who is acquainted with me and staying in the East, their first question after the customary greetings will be "When is the next Eastside Run?". So it was with this in mind and to celebrate the Chinese New Year that I decided to hold another Eastside Run.

After some thoughts, I settled on the Pasir Ris/Loyang/Selarang route. Not that because I stayed in Pasir Ris but because at the Pasir Ris Sports Recreation Centre where we start and end, there is locker and shower facilities and it is conveniently located next to the Pasir Ris MRT station and bus interchange. 

Slightly over 40 runners registered their interest in running but in the end, just over 20 turn up. At least the number was manageable not too big a group and not too small. We had the customary group photo and off we went.

There was a brief stopover at the Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple for those who wants to seek some blessing and then we continued into the Selarang Loop. The highlight of the run was a much longer stopover at the Johore Battery where the ladies had a lot of fun swinging on an swing with an ammo hanging on one end!

The next Eastside Run will probably be in somewhere like another 2 or 3 months time. Those who are interested can look out for information on this blog.

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