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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Erke Women Running Shoes Review

Finally after several runs over various distances, the sidekick is ready to give her opinion of the Erke Women Running Shoes.

But the problem is - M doesn't want to write so I am gonna try paraphrasing her here.

Look:  She likes the colour and design. Generally I do agree it looks fairly nice. In fact, some of the ladies who have seen it also like the color scheme. 

Weight: The shoe weighs 215g. Fairly light weight unlike the traditional running shoes. M said it was light and comfortable to wear.

Feel: The sole is made of rubber and initially she was not used to the rather bouncy feel of the shoe. Running beside her, I can hear the loud sound of the shoe as it hit the floor with every movement. She didn't like the bounce. Too much she said.

Cushioning: According to M, there is sufficient cushioning despite the low heel to toe drop. 

Flexibility: The shoe is soft and flexible enough for her to run the usual mid foot

Water resistance: M don't like running in the rain so there is no chance to do a wet test. So I did the next best thing. Pour some water on the upper to see how fast the water can seep in. Unfortunately, the water got in pretty fast although most of it stayed on the upper and did not trickled down to the insole.

Overall: After several runs, M has kinda gotta used to it. She wears it for short run though as she said it heat up over longer distances. In her opinion, the shoe is suitable for short training and easy run and not for long distance runs. She would recommend it for beginners, people looking for a cheap but good pair of running shoes to kick start their running.

The Erke Women Running Shoe is available at all Sportslink outlet and retails for $69.90 although the last time I went to one of the outlet, it was on the offer shelf for $49.90.

NB: M's pair of Erke Women Running Shoes came courtesy of the people at Erke

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