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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running in the Haze

Past week with the PSI shooting way past the safety limit,  runners in Singapore and some part of Malaysia have been left without their weekly fix. 

Of course a little bit of haze couldn't put off people like me though. Me and the sidekick, we did a run on Tuesday evening when the PSI was about 130 in the unhealthy zone. How does it feel like running in the haze? We started from our usual place at the foot of the block next to the park connector. We then ran the usual route to Pasir Ris Beach Park. By  the time I hit 3km, my throat felt so dry and irritated. So this was how it feel like to run in the haze. I had to stop  for a drink at the toilet something that I don't usually do for such short distance. By then the eyes was also watering and the air smell bad. 

On Thursday, the PSI crossed the 200 mark.Still we decided to go out for a run but at the gym. But to get to the gym, we have to walk 900 metres from our place. This time the air was really bad and I don't think I even want to try running in the open. We covered our mouths with our towels and went direct to the gym. I think we would look like a clown if we wear a mask and run.

So the conclusion is - if the haze is real bad as in the naked eyes can see it, then it is not good to run in it.  Go do some cross training - swimming is not recommended though. Better to use this period as a recovery period and rest the legs.

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