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Monday, July 08, 2013

Long Long Weekend

It has been  a long long tiring weekend. Fortunately though if not for the haze, it could have been worse.This was supposed to be the mother of all races weekend. There were originally 5 races scheduled over the weekend but because  of the haze, 2 races on Sunday were postponed leaving 3 races in the end. But that is still 3 races to many. Not that I was racing in any of them but somehow I found myself rushing to all of them.

On Saturday morning, went to the Marina Barrage to help out as a volunteer for the Run & Raisin. This is the  3rd year our group has been involved in this event but somehow I can't help feeling that we are surplus manpower and they don't really need us. Anyway, we had a swell time at the event.
Photo credit: AC Leong
In the afternoon, I was back at the same area for the Orange Ribbon Race. I was the designated photographer for this event for Running Shots but it was a nightmare taking photos in the Marina Bay area with so many people walking around. The photos are up on Running Shots Facebook page.

This is a People Association 's organised event and like all grassroot event, there was a big crowd. To ensure that they have the  numbers, the PA will send down big group from the various Community Clubs and other organisations like these 2 groups here. 
Participants from the CC eating their free dinner before setting off

Footballers from the S League clubs also got  roped in
I was up early the next morning and travelled all the way to Jurong for the Jurong Lake Club. Again I was the designated photographer for Running Shots (photos coming up soon). Unfortunately, the race ending point was not inside the scenic Chinese or Japanese Gardens but on the road and so I found myself taking photos with a not so nice background. But I am sure the thousand of walkers taking part in this wouldn't mind especially when all the other photographers from the other groups all turned up for this seeing that the other 2 races have been postponed.
Participants at the Jurong Lake Run
That leaves me with almost no time for my weekend long run but I somehow managed to drag myself out for a long run in the evening but that is another story for another time.

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