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Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Stop Exploring - Hill and more Hills

A wise friend from KK sent me this great pearl of wisdom. 

And just nice, a trail and ultra crazy friend who is also doing the TMBT, showed a few of us a new trail with a "good" upslope to run.

I certainly wouldn’t use “shiok” to describe the new route but suffice to say, I walked all the up slopes and all the down slopes and all the uneven ground which comes out to 100% of the entire route!

Here are some pictures of this hitherto unknown trail, known only to hardcore trail runners like my friend.

This is the entrance to the trail. Haha, we have to run into the horizon. The sun is kinda obscuring the route so this trail shall continue to remain a secret known only to the hardcore few and me!

And then we came to the "upslope". Only it wasn't a real hill. Just a series of terrace cut into the forest.

While my friend went bouncing away up the slope like a goat, the rest of us more sanely peeps choosed to walk up. The grass here were rather long and the ground was uneven and cannot be seen. And I have this phobia of twisting my ankle so it was walk walk walk all the way up.

And this was the view from the top. Looking backward to where we just climbed up.

But instead of continuing, we had to go back down! (#*^%#$@. I should have stayed at the bottom cause if there anything I hate more than climbing up slope, its going down slopes where I always feel that I can just roll down.

But I made it down safely and then we had to "run along the drain". I had no idea what he referred to earlier when he said that but when I saw the drain, it finally sunk in. We were literally going to run along the drain.

Which couldn't be such a bad thing if not for the fact that the "drain" was 30 metres on top of the expressway! One wrong move and like Jack and Jill, we will go tumbling down the hill and become road kill!. I think the drivers must be wondering what those crazy guys were doing running right in the middle of the slope bordering the expressway.

That the PIE on the right of the picture
Thankfully we survived that but that not the end, we still have another new trail, again courtesy of my friend to explore and which would turn out to be the mother of all trails! But that is another story for another day.

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