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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 - First Peek

"Inspired by Lone Peak, one of the rockiest, toughest mountains in the Wasatch Range, The Lone Peak™ was designed to conquer the Wasatch 100. While the foot-shaped design allows athletes to stay relaxed and comfortable for hours, this do-everything mountain shoe promotes happy feet, increases ankle stabilization and improves form with the Zero DropTM platform"
I don't know whether the Lone Peak  can indeed makes a happy feet or where Wasatch Range is but what I do know was  I needed a new trail shoe. My last 2 pairs were bought in 2011 and after 2 years, its time for a replacement especially since the New Balance MT101 bought in December 2010 has given up the run and gone to the great shoe warehouse in the sky after the long run last week.

So when the local distributor for the Altra shoes offered me a good price for the Lone Peak, I grabbed the offer even though I know next to nothing about this shoe. Anyway, the aforesaid quote was from the Altra's website. There are a few other claims but I guess I will only know after running in them and this I haven't done yet.

But before going for a run, let take a look at the physical and overall appearance of the shoe.

It comes in a striking red, white color. Just nice for National Day hor!

This is a zero drop shoe with a wide toe box. There is also the quick dry and abrasion resistant mesh on the upper. It is not seamless but Altra said minimal seam. So hopefully that means no blister, no black toe nails.

This is the sole. There is a footprint imprinted on it. Altra called it the  "trailclaw" lugs and is supposed to provide very good traction. Too bad it is in white. Should turn dirty very soon.

The lace is "asymmetrical" whatever that means. Probably going to dump it and replace with the usual lock laces.

There are 2 holes at the front of the shoe to drain out water easily although I think it can also do the opposite i.e. allow water to get in easily.

The heel comes with a velcro flap What is it for? To put some coins? Keys?

No. Actually is just a flap for sticking a gator to it. Thoughtful! If you need a gator that is. And by the way, we not talking about an alligator here ok!

So does the shoes live up to all that the manufacturer has claimed? Certainly, there are a lot of positive feedback out on the world wide web. For me, the truth will come when I start on it this National Day.

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