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Monday, August 19, 2013

Run Climb Pray

2 weeks ago, I achieved my  highest climb ever. Not to mention the highest weekly mileage in my whole entire running life.

I climbed up to a maximum altitude of 404 metres and if I add them all together, I hit a total of 1898 metres.  The joy was short-lived though! The elevation map for TMBT was released and gulped - the total elevation gain is 2910 metres. And that is over 50km in one go whilst my 1898 metres was done over 4 runs + walk spread out over 7 days! 
That was also the week when I hit my highest mileage in my entire running life of 7 years. And it was a grand total of 72km! This was with a run/walk on Saturday of 38km and another hike of 10km on Sunday plus the two weekdays evening run.

I guess all the climbing and running that I have been doing are not really going to help much. I so gonna suffer big time over there but may be, just may be, there will be a miracle and by the time I go over there next month, somebody will have build a cable car up to the peak! So the next phase of the training will be? Pray of course!

1 comment:

  1. or build a cable car of your own in your mind ... lol
    wishing you all the best man :)
    you can do it! else why take up the challenge ya?