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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Men in White Tights

To date my earlier post on Men in Tights have garnered the most eyeballs and is the most read article of all my blog post. I don't really know what is so fascinating about men in tights cause most of those who stumbled on my post were actually googling online on this subject. Personally I think men in tights are .. umph not very pleasant looking although I do admit I also wear tights for longer races. And what is worse than men in tights? Men in white tights lor!.

Anyway, I promised on my FB that I will put out some photos of men in white tights to prove my point.   But first an advisory: If yout think that the Abercrombie and Fitch ad in Orchard Road was indecent, then you should not continue reading. But if really die die must see.. then don't say I didn't warn you......

Did you notice the obvious? What can be worse than this?

A tight that emphasis the area! 
Is there really a need for the manufacturer to do this?

So guys, if you really have to wear white tights, please do something or is it don't do anything so that your brother doesn't distract any participants. Hahahaha!

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