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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Saucony Kinvara 3

I really like my Kinvara. So much so that I am now into Kinvara 3. Wait a minute, I heard the Kinvara 5 is already out and I am 2 generation behind! So maybe I am not such a big fan of the Kinvara after all. But of course the reason why I am so behind is that I am the typical "kiamseap" guy and I will only pay less than $100.00 for a pair of shoes which means I have got to wait until the new season shoes are out and the last season shoes are on clearance. Like this pair of blue/white Kinvara 3.

Here it is compared to the Kinvara 2. Design wise it hasn't change much except for more colors and more aggressive looking lines and curves.

Performance wise I don't feel any great difference from the Kinvara 2 which is great. There are some improvements made to the materials. No time for the mumbo jumbo but they can be found here.

Anyway I like it so much that when I passed by the Royal Sporting House at Suntec and discovered it was on sale, I promptly bought another pair of the Kinvara 3, in a different colour of course!

Date of Purchase: 13 July 2013

From: Running Lab

Price: $109.00 after $50 trade in


Tokyo Marathon 2014

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