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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stop Running Part 2 - What comes next

Ok finally time to write part 2. But first you gonna read all the disclaimer in Part 1. Done? Then you can carry on.

Right maybe you gone and followed my advice and finally landed a date and hopefully somebody that you think can be your partner for life. Or maybe you went and sign up with SDU or even join the Boi Boi Ger Ger Run. So its get set and go! But wait a minute. Let's get some tips from the experts and hopefully you pick up some useful tips for Valentine's Day.

1. If you really have no idea where to bring your date except to go running together, here some pointers from the experts at Runner's World: The Dos and Don'ts of Running Dates

2. For those who are in the fortunate state of dating somebody and wondering whether to run or not to run with that special somebody, here expert advice from the Runner's World again: Should I train with My Boyfriend?

3. And in case you need some unsolicited personal advice on where to go on your running date (this is a running blog after all!) here are my 5 suggestions:

  • East Coast/West Coast park for an evening run. Prepack a picnic hamper and after a short run, have a picnic at the beach
  • Botanic Garden for an evening run (evening is more romantic okay). After the run, have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants there.  I recommend Food for Thought Cafe which is suitable for dining in after the run as it is more casual and there are no bathing facilities available at Botanic Garden. I hesitate to suggest Garden by the Bay as that place is a teeny weeny bit too crowded 
  • Bishan Park. A beautiful park provided there are no more dead fishes in the stream. Start off with a short run followed by a fun dinner at Grub
  • Bedok Reservoir Park. A full round of the reservoir is 4.3km so make sure your date is fit enough to last the distance. Round off with a nice sunset dinner at WaWaWa
  • Punggol Park. Small park suitable for beginners to running but there is a great place to dine at - Wild Oats
I hope this is enough to get you started.

And oh, just in case the guy/gal you eyeing happens to be a triathlete, read this first.

The real Boi Boi Ger Ger Run!
Happy running and happy Valentine's Day


  1. Alternatively, instead of running, I would suggest trekking and hiking with your other half! It's more accessible and the girl won't be too far behind the guy. I know it's not running and I would much prefer to run than walk personally, but I really think trekking is a good way to bond. In fact, any outdoor activities involving adventure is good bonding :)

  2. Hi Paleorina,

    Agree with you trekking is good and fun too.