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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

C3fit Performance Tights

For too long the dominant brand in compression wear in Singapore has been the 2XU compression wear. Now it looks like there is a worthy alternative.

The sidekick was given 2 C3fit compression tights to try and review. Last week she ran 15 km in the C3fit Impact Tights. This week, she did another 15 km in the C3fit performance Tights.

Compared to the Impact Tights, her first impression was that it was much less thicker. In her own words, "comfortable", "good" and lastly "wonderful". The last was when she was speeding past me in the last 1 km as I struggled to finish the run in the hot hot sun. She also claimed that it helps to speed up recovery and her legs wasn't so sore the next day.

In her opinion, it is similar to the 2XU Elite tights and so for those looking for a different brand of tights, this is a good alternative. If anything, for those bored of the usual black tights, C3fit tights do come in many variety of design and colors.

Read more about the C3fit compression wear here.

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