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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Look - C3fit Impact Tights

I understand one of the biggest bane that ladies have about wearing compression tights is that it makes their bum look bigger. Especially for those ladies who have children, it is a given that their body shape changes and one of the area that grows bigger  is the bum. So many women prefer to wear a short over their tights or wear long ugly shapeless tops to reduce the visual impact. Is that true?

Now for these ladies, there is good news. For the first time ever in Singapore, there is a new brand of compression wear coming to town and it promises to hug the hips and bum so tight that it will make the tummy and backside look firmer and smaller. Not that I have tried it on since the last time I checked, I still don't look every bit a lady. But the sidekick have and she can testify to that!

The sidekick has been given 2 pair of C3fit compression tights to test and review. Here are here modelling the tights before our run on Saturday

What she has on is a pair of C3fit Impact Tights. Look at the beautiful side design.  But apparently, this is not any nice design. This unique pattern is designed to reduce muscle vibration along the key muscle groups and enhance blood flow. In fact, C3fit tights are certified as General Medical devices in Japan.

The design and fit of the tights wrap the knee snugly providing a high level of support similar to that of a knee guard. This design also reduces fabric brunching and slippage.

And of course the snug fit at the back and tummy. And incidentally, the recommendation is not to wear undies although the website did mention that if one need to wear one, (the undies that is), to wear a tight fitting one and not some granny panties. 

Ok so much for the technicalities. Now for the million dollar question. How does it feel and does it perform as well on the run?

According to the sidekick, it felt thick. In fact, she felt that it was rather warm. According to the website, it has some thermal effect so it might not be so suitable for our local weather. Other than that, in her opinion, it wrapped her legs very snugly and the different portion of the tights provide the necessary support and compression to specific areas reducing the onset of fatigue during running. She compared it more favourably than her other compression tights, the popular 2XU. Nevertheless she reckoned that while it is good for running, it will be more even more helpful for longer distance trail running. 

Look out for the C3fit coming soon to a running store near you. Meantime, check out the mumbo-jumbo here

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