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Friday, August 29, 2014

Theme Runs Galore

The Singapore race scene has really heated up. From just 4 races in the month of January this year, there are now 11 races in the month of August alone and another 9 in September and that not counting the odd Triathlon and weird odd races.

But the latest in thing in running events is not the multitudes of 10 km races or the Ultra (there seems to be one every month) but theme races. Theme run are all the rage now and none so than the upcoming Hello Kitty Run.

The Hello Kitty Run has sold out its 15000 slots even before registration opens and at $65 per registration, that is a cool $1m in the pocket for the organiser.

If my memory serves me correctly, last year was the year when the themed race from overseas came to our shore. It started with the Color Run, which was sold out even though it was spread over 2 days and ended with the Run for your Lives, a Zombies themed Run. In between there were the Electric Run and Commando Challenge. 4 in total.

This year, there are at least 7 most of which are sold out. The last one with a cartoon character to cause great excitement was the Garfield Run and now we have the Hello Kitty Run. 

What's next? Snoopy Run? Or Mickey Mouse Run?

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