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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Kelvingrove Park

The great thing about being in a country with temperate weather is that during the non-winter season, the weather is so cool that one can run at any time in the day be it in the morning, noon or late evening.

In Glasgow we were pleasantly surprised to find a small park right round the corner to the B&B that we were staying at. So of course we took the opportunity to go for a short run. 

The Kelvingrove Park is a small park (by their standard) in the West end of Glasgow. There is a small river, Kelvin River flowing through it. Within the park there are monuments, beautiful flowers (of course) and wildlife, although we only spotted squirrels and birds). Here are some photos of the park taken during our short run there.

The park is not flat. There are various small slopes and this is the view from the top of the park

 This is the Kelvin River. Apparently there are salmon, trout and other fish although we didn't spot any.

Thats the sidekick running up one of the slope. Next to it is this grand old building which we have absolutely no idea is what building.

The park connects to the University of Glasgow and we ran over to the university ground

Whoever stays here must be damn lucky and rich. This place is huge.

This is the Stewart Memorial Fountain build in 1872! It has been restored but is unfortunately still not fully functional.

Right in the backgroumd is the famous Kelvingrove Museum. It is one of the biggest in the world. Unfortunately we have no time to visit it though.

And of course beautiful flowers like these small sunflower lookalikes

And last but not least we found this graffiti on the floor. How apt!


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