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Monday, January 23, 2006


Joined fellow runners from sgrunners for what is the 'run-laksa-shop' session - a run round the Kent Ridge area followed by laksa at the former Depot Road laksa stall (now at Alexandra Village) and shopping at Queensway Shopping Centre. The run itself was divided into 2 parts - an earlier one starting at 6.30 am to the 'Cantebury' area and the second run to Kent Ridge at 7.30 am.

A total of 13 runners came for the 1st session. Led by DO and Dream, we went to the Canterbury area which turned out to be the area behind Alexandra distripark next to the former Institute of Dental Health. The residences there comprises of mainly black and white bungalows. Very nice and quiet area. We ran a few small loops around the area before turning back to Queensway SC for the second run.

More runners came and off we went to Kent Ridge via Commonwealth and the new expressway. Very scenic especially from the higher ground. We split off later on to run to NUS while the rest who didn't want to go so far, went back from the peak.

All in, estimated we covered about 18 km taking a total of about 2h:20m of running time within a whooping total time of 3.5 hours (stopping to take photographs, walk and admire the scenery).

The laksa was a bit disappointing though. A bit too lemak. Remembered that it was fiery chilli hot previously. Too bad had to rush back to pick up the kids for tutition. Otherwise will have love to stay behind to get to know the rest of the runners better.


  1. Sigh, too bad i missed this run... it must have been an enjoyable session.. so where is the best laksa u've ever come across?

  2. Very scenic. Maybe we can run there together after you leave the company and I'm on leave.

    Food is subjective. I don't like too lemak laksa so Katong laksa is out. Seem like the original Depot Road laksa is still the best butt hen....

  3. ok onz!

    hmm, i haven't try Depot Road yet.. a bit out of the way.. but once i'm free, will head down to try.