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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Farrer Park Sports Challenge 2006

Took part in the Farrer Park Sport Challenge - Swim Run Aquathlon. My very first multi-discipline sports event. A bit apprehensive about signing up since my swimming really sucks but this was too good an opportunity to pass up since I had wanted to test myself in a swim/run event since seeing the others doing the NUS Biathlon at Sentosa.

This one is in the pool so should be quite okay 800m only and a short 6.6km run.. or so I thought.

Reached there at 8.00 am for the registration. Alamak.. only 10 people participating in the Veteran category. Like that sure last! Some more got number 164 ('Yat Low Say' meaning all the way die in cantonese). This time sure die lah! Hmm on a brighter side.. that means a top 10 finish?

Run3 was there with her boyfriend(?) Ken. She like me also doing this for the first time. At least she gets to start off first. Swimming breaststroke, she swam strongly and finished in quite a good time. Ken was next and he swam freestyle. Unlucky me kena last wave and sure enough I was the last swimmer up. Damm malu man!

Took a long time to transit before going out for the run. The run is basically 3 loops round the Farrer Park Sports area covering a distance of 6.6km. Started off slowly unsure of the route and terrain. 10 minutes into the run, it started to pour. That was good as the front runners slowed down and I managed to catch up with at least 5 other runners crossing the finish line in 35:02 min.

Met Sukami and Penguin (meeting her for the first time). They are taking part in the International team event and assured of a top 2 finish cos there are only 2 teams taking part!

Ben came with 2 of the VRG. He's doing the mixed relay with Bambi. On the way back bumped into Bambi doing a very spirited run despite the rain. Keep it up Bambi!

The goodie bag came in an Osim paperbag..Unfortunately no OSIM product inside.

Now time to see the doc for the inflamed knee. Hopefully, it will heal before all the races in July.

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