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Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Quarter final

Germany against Argentina. 2nd round prediction 100% spot on. For this game, everybody said 50:50. Likewise but I pick Germany for home ground advantage.

England against Portugal. This one I guessed wrong. England overcame Eucador with a kick from Golden Balls. (I hope nobody slided into his vomit though). Portugal played out a nice win over Holland (yes!) and will prevail over England unless Golden Balls shows his balls again:)

Italy vs Ukraine. As expected. 2 boring teams and another boring game coming up. Ukraine is underdog and I think they will upset a Italy that is beseiged with problems

France and Brazil. Surprised Spain lost to a team of botaks and old man. The French have exceeded my expectation so far but only until tomorrow and than they go home.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup 2nd Round

First round over - let's see my prediction chooi or not:-


Grp A: Germany & Ecuador
Outcome: 100% spot on + Germany to beat Sweden and go all the way to the final (if they don't meet Argentina in the Quarterfinal)!

Grp B: England & Sweden
Outcome: Perfect score again. England draw with Ecuador and loose on penalty (ha ha)

Grp C: Argentina & Ivory Coast
Outcome: 50% right - surprised Holland managed to put through. Argentina sure to beat Mexico and meet Germany in the quarter final. Holland to get dump by Portugal

Grp D: Portugal & Mexico
Outcome: All correct again. Portugal will go on to Quarterfinal

Grp E: Italy & Czec
Outcome: 50% wrong - Both teams are a big disappointment. Italy should beat Australia (who have been lucky so far). Ghana against Brazil? Sure no fight

Grp F: Brazil & Croatia
Outcome: Another 50%. Brazil to go all the way to the final

Grp G: Switzerland & South Korea
Outcome: Poor Korea. All of Asia's hope was on them. Anyway, France is so koyak this year sure loose to Spain. Switzerland half fight against Ukraine. Ukraine to prevail.

Grp H: Spain & Ukraine
Outcome: 100%

Friday, June 23, 2006

Botak Head

Just realised almost the entire French team are botak. This plus the Africans, the Brazilian.. Hmmm am I missing something? Power to the botakhead? Classic example - our very own TLR! One of the fastest runner I ever see!

Told the family I thinking of doing it. M said I will look like a 'kana' ball, Alicia laughed so much she rollled on the floor. Alvin the ungrateful boy said don't go near him when outside! What type of family is this! Never support their own man. Think of the money saved on haircut, shampoo, hair dye...

So .... this is how I look :) What do you people think?

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Surprise Surprise Surprise. Came home from work today to a big surprise. Somebody had delivered a medal to me. I had actually came in 3rd for the Farrer Park Aquathlon Challenge. This is really like wow! Totally unexpected.

On race day itself, at the registration counter when I saw there was only 10 participants in my event category, I was like this time die sure malu and finish last. Sure enough, I was the last one of out the pool and to make it worse, I was in the last wave and literally the last man out. So paiseh!

I knew I didn't finish last in the end because I overtook about 5 runners. But I wasn't going all out either on account of my knee and the heavy rain. So 3rd out of 10 is still totally unexpected and this being my first multi-discipline event.

Must really treasure this medal becos I don't think there will be any repeat ever again!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Physio again

Went to CGH for physio. Didn't get Derek this time. Instead got a lady from Hongkong. Didn't seem very experience. But anyway nice to have a lady touch me all over, even if it's just the legs:). Got me to do the usual leg exercises. Pretty well left me alone to do all the squats, lunges, etc. For that I pay $67? Might as well just go to the gym and do it for free. Lucky company paying for all this.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup 2006

It's the World Cup and this year I'm catching a record number of games on TV. Yeah!

Like all the gurus and experts out there, I going to stick out my neck and predict the teams for the 2nd round:

Germany, Eucador, England, Sweden, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Portugal, Czech, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine.

Which of the favourites did I left out? France - why becos they sucks. Fell asleep last night watching them played the Swiss.

Also, anybody noticed? - 4 years ago, it was blonde or gold hair - this time round the trend seems to be botak - Brazil got Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo(look much better than the silly china boy hair the last time round) and a few others, France got Zindane, Henry, Barthez and the list go on. Maybe botak head - less weight - therefore can run and head better - hmmm maybe I should also go botak - at least than don't have to worry about the greying white hair

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Curse of a Zillion Ants

Arrgh, I being cursed!

It all started on Tuesday. At home, Alicia asked why my body was so red. Closer examination shows patches of rashes all over - like mini goosepimples. No wonder I was scratching myself the whole day. My colleagues must have thought I didn't bath for many many days or the Monkey god had possessed me.

M said it must be the medicine from CGH. Checked the label on the packet of Diclofenac in the office the next day and true enough it says: "IF RASHES APPEAR, STOP THE MEDICINE & CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY". So I call Dr Chia and he gave me new medicine to replace.

So the last Diclofenac I took was on Wednesday - than why am i still feeling like a zillion trillon ants are crawling all over me 2 days after it?

Monday, June 05, 2006

To the Doctor

Finally went to see the doc at Changi Sports Medicine Centre.

Took 3 x-rays and 1 ultrasound.

The verdict?

1) Wear and tear of the joints thus causing the stiffness.
2) Growth on one of the joint thus causing the inflamation.

Gave me 1 month supply of glucosamine and something to reduce the swelling. Unfortunately taking this will cause gastric so also gave me medicine for gastric. Yuck!

Good news is since there is no pain, he said can continue to run but cut down by half the weekly mileage. Since doing only about 30km a week nowadays - how to cut down some more? Also no running on hill (especially downhill) so that means no MacRichite and Pierce. Also to try and run only on threadmill. Like that might as well ask me not to run!

Also got to do physio again! That one maycham like torture chamber.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Not working yeserday so decided to go for a short run at Sentosa with M.

Wanted to do the run for 3 reasons:
1. To see whether the knee is fully recovered
2. To try out the Nathan fuel belt got last month
3. To familiarise M with the 10k RR route

1st objective - the knee seems okay. No pain, no discomfort. Maybe will cancel the appointment on Monday. Objective met.

2nd objective - the fuel belt - quite comfortable although with 4 fully filled bottles seems to add up to a lot of lot. But no bounce and after some time didn't notice it. Next to try it out on a longer route.

3rd objective - Started at the covered car park at Palawan beach. On the way up to the Satelite, M tripped over a concrete drain cover and had a tumble. That effectively ended the run. Now she got her first running trophy - 2 in fact... 2 big ugly bruises on her right arm. Plucky girl though, she managed to run back to the start point another 2 km away. Total distance covered - 6km. Mission aborted.

Palawan Beach

The revamped at Palawan beach is nearly completed. The place is now first class esp the toilet. Got a food court, 7-11, 3 restaurants and a absolutely fabulous toilet. There are uncountaable showers - open air, closed with all sorts of shower heads. Fantastic. Go check it out!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Nike Shoe Review

So far tried 3 different pair of Nike shoes:-

Nike Skylon -

What attracted me to try it? The bright colour (yellow and blue) plus it was the only pair available in my size.

Felt alright at first but when started running, it moves up and down. Also didn't feel like it could absorb the impact. Guess cushioning not too good.

Will I recommend it? Only if you want people to see your foot when running in the dark:)

Nike Air Pegasus (tried twice) -

What attracted me to try it? Again becos it was the only pair available in my size

First time round - didn't get to really tried it out as I was doing slow jog. 2nd time round got a chance to 'cheong' in it and it was able to absorb the impact well. Really felt quite good about it at the end.

Will I recommend it? Actually very tempted to buy it myself but sayang it is a Nike:)

Nike 360

What attracted me to try it - Heard alot about it. So die die must try.

Interesting thing is the Nike promo guys actually warned me not to try and told me I will be disappointed. It felt bouncy (is that good or bad?) and when I ran in it, it couldn't cushion the impact. My soles were hurting like hell towards the end part of the run. Maybe there was a air leak?

Will I recommend it? - Only if you want to stylo milo in it.