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Saturday, October 07, 2006

One hazy morning

Today the ladies are running at East Coast Park. It was a hazy morning. When we reached there, not surprisingly, East Coast Park was nearly deserted. We found out later the haze index climbed up to 130 psi at about 10 am. Luckily, we had finished by then.

Molly, Bambi and surpisingly Karen came. Ruth came with WJ but in the end she didn't run as she was asthmatic and everybody thought it was not a good idea to run in such condition. So she became my watergirl.

The run started at carpark F2 and targeted to u-turn at the fence at Fort Road. After the runners took off, we drove over to carpark B1 and set up our water point. While waiting for the runners to arrive, I proceeded with my now routine set of exercises to strengten the legs and increase it range of motion.

Almost all 4 of them reached the waterpoint together in a time of about 40 minutes - and all complaining of dry eyes. WJ turned back here while the 3 ladies continued up to the end.

Ruth and me also went back to Carpark F1. WJ came back first followed by Karen, Molly and Bambi. Although I told them the distance was only 14 km actually after calculating - it should be close to 15km and the average time taken by them was 1:43. Their longest run to date. Looks like they are well on target to finishing the half under 2:30.

Had a nice breakfast of Nancy's Katong laksa followed by kaya bun and heavenly coffee at Chin Mee Chin. Hah nothing beats having a nice meal after a long hard strenous workout right?

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  1. i also say....the kopi at CMC was GREAT...not too sweet, not too bitter, just right. We gotta do this again!