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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pierce Run

Brought the ladies down to Pierce for this week run. Surprised to bump into 1 big group of sgrunners. They are doing the Muddy Grass Run. Saw quite a number of new faces. As I watched them goes off, how I wished I could join them especially since this run was for a route which . But I still got another 2 months or so to go before can resume running.

M, Bambi and Michelle are running this route for the 2nd time. Last round, they ran 11km. This time, they conquered approximately 14km in a time of 1h:44m making it approximately a pace of 7.28min. So far, the ladies are making steady progress for the half. M and Bambi has already done up to 18k, Michelle 14 and Roo 12. Keep it up ladies.

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