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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Finally kicked off my PNFS session on Saturday. Last week inaugural session was cancelled as everybody was still suffering from CNY 'hangover' and got no mood to run but with the Women's Outdoor Challenge coming up next week, I think Bam and Mic finally decided die die must run. So together with WJ and M, we went over to the East Coast Park for the 3 ladies to do a full dress rehearsal of the route.

At 5:30pm it was still blazing hot so we delayed the start until 6 pm. Wondered how they are going to cope next week with a starting time of 4:30? Since both Bam and Mi have not been running consistently over the past weeks, told them to just take it easy and just enjoy the running focusing on completing without walking than on timing.

We started off with M and Bam in front and WJ, Mi and myself at the back. I can never start off fast but after about 7 minutes, decided I had warmed up enough and proceeded to pick up the pace. Since the ladies said that there were only about 400 participants, decided M might have an outside chance of coming in top 10 if she push herself a little bit. So tried to get her to follow up pace but after about 2 km, she gave up. Alamak, with no real motivation, slowed down a bit and tried to focus on my running techniques.

The 3 ladies finished respectively 49:58, 59:54 and 1:00:02, the latter 2 without walking. Not very exciting timing but a good effort still considering the heat and their lack of running fitness. WJ did a slow recovery run choosing to keep the 2 ladies company. He has improved a lot since I met him last year at the NBRR. Great work everybody!

Next week PNFS session will be their race and maybe will do the stadium thingy the following week. see ya all

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