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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Women got it all

Another women race. How come got no men only race?

This one the Women's Outdoor Challenge 2007 held in conjunction with International Woman's Day and in aid of Aware and held at the East Coast Park. It consists of 3 events - a Frisbee competition, a combat laser and a run. The run itself consists of a 5 km and a 7.3 km run. Actually 8 km cut down to 7.5 and now 7.3. Like the Shape run, the goodies bag damm good - 1 Bodynits singlet, 1 packet of milk, some barangs and the usual discount vouchers. On race day itself, a gym ball!

The 5km was flagged off at 5 pm and the 7.3km at 5:15 by actress Tan Kheng Hua of Phua Chu Kang fame. All the VRP gals (ex and present) were present. The first lady to cross the finish line for the 7.3km came in around 25min + (something like 3.30/km pace?) The 2nd place lady a Caucasian came in a long 10 minutes later and was heard protesting that she should be first! According to M and Golden Retriever, they only saw the Caucasian lady in front of them and not the chinese lady who came in first... so maybe the first place winner u-turn at the 5km turning point or she started with the 5km runners?

From what I heard, the organisation of the run was terrible. No timing chips - not even rubber bands or marshall at the u-turn. The ending was the same. Cyclist and bladers were moving in and out of the finish lane, the marshals were shouting bib numbers all over the place... There was even 1 guy running with a number bib!

But the logistics support was superb. There were plenty of 100+, Activa juice, Gardenia musli bread, fruits and even Weider gel or something like that!

When will a men run get so much stuff?

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