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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back to MR

Have not run at MacRitchie Reservoir (more popularly known as "MR") since May 14 2006 - more than a year ago. Wanted to go last Sunday but it was rained out.

MR has a lot of memory - mostly bad for me but it is still one of my favourite running place in view of the varied routes and challenging terrain. It was the last run in May last year that conclusively killed the knee. It was also the place where I got bummed on the back by a bunch of branches dropping from the sky.

This time dragged 3 ladies with me - M, Bambi and Mich. For the latter 2, they are running there for the first time. We did the short MR 25 Time Trial 5km route. The last time I did it was on March 15 2006. Told the girls to try to finish the distance under 35mins. Myself - I set no targets knowing that I can't possibly do under 25mins. The run was pretty uneventful except for a point where I nearly slipped on a wet root and had to use my right leg to jam in hard for support to avoid falling down. Luckily, nothing else happened and the knee seemed okay. In the end, completed the distance in a slow 29:05mins. The ladies did pretty okay coming in around 32mins. Not bad for a first time though Bambi wearing her brand new PI was making some noise about dirtying her new shoes on the muddy trails.

Went for dinner at The Ship Restaurant at Shaw Center after that. Continue here

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