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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Inter Con Road Run 2007

After a week of resting (some called it slacking) it backs to good old running. Today I am doing a short race - a race that I am not looking forward to. It is the Inter Con Road Run. I have been roped in to make up the numbers as the team captain can't seem to find enough runners. I don't like short run - I don't have the speed for it and this being a team event, every single second counts. Fortunately or unfortunately, the distance has been reduced to 4.3km from the original 5.6km. Still I know it was not going to be easy.

The race format comprises of 6 men in the Men Open, max of 3 male veteran and 3 female. We have only 5 male in the open, 3 in the male veteran and 2 female. The best 4 runners timing in the men's open, 1 each from the male veteran and female will counts toward the score. I am running in the men open which gives me more stress. Gary our team captain want to improve on last year 14th placing. So my timing will have to be included. I hope I will be able to run under 20mins but I know it is going to be tough since I seldom concentrate on speedwork. All my runs have always been at most 5.15 pace so to do 20 + I need to go below 5 min and some more for 4 over km. Jialat:(

A surprise awaits us when we reach Bedok Reservoir. The guest of honour, Ms Jessica Tan, MP of East Coast GRC will be running in our team! She is indeed a very nice lady mingling with us and joking chatting with us - totally without air at all. Hopefully, the organiser will give her some handicap:)

Looking at the other teams, I shuddered at what type of placing we will get. All of them are so young - late teens to early 20s - in our team, of the 5 of us in the Men Open, 3 of us are 45 and aboveleaving 2 young men but they are also probably in their late 20s. Also met Mighty Joe and Mrs, Terence and Mrs there. They are running for Yew Tee and Kreta Ayer respectively. Also bump into 'Tiger'. He is representing Clementi and finally there was Puay Hien but he is not running - he is team captain for Serangoon and his team eventually came in 2nd!

The race was flagged off by Miss Jessica Tan. I ran the first 1km in 4min 40 sec (I think the fastest 1km I ever done in my life. At the 2km mark, I was slightly over 9mins but definitely totally out of breathe. I know if I can continue at this pace, I will be able to meet my target but I knew in my heart I couldn't sustain this pace anymore. Soon my team mates started overtaking me. By the time I reached the 3km my mind and leg was screaming for me to stop and walk. I knew I couldn't make it and there I was before the race thinking that I can do it in about 19mins. I had no more energy left even at the 4km mark with 300metres to go. I eventually finished in 21min 29s the fourth member in my team to finish. It is probably a PB for me. Than again, this is my first race of this distance so I suppose any type of timing will be a PB.

The Men's Veteran and Ladies started off together. As expected, our team captain Gary was right up there at the front just behind Donald of MR 25 fame representing Bishan. Gary managed to come in 2nd in 16mins +. Molly with sifu Boon Chye pacing her came back in 22mins 40s. Miss Jessica Tan also managed to come in in a respectable time of 25min+

Told Gary he played the wrong strategy. He should have let Francis (or is it Jeffrey) and BC run in the Men's Open as both of them are faster than me and let the Uncle run in the Veteran. That way, at least all our team runners will be able to finish under 20 minutes. Last year the team finished 14th. This year, even with his 2nd placing, I doubt we can better it since the rest of our times are not as good.

Anyway it's over and I must say running a short 4.3km at this pace is more tough than running a half marathon. I think I retire from short run. This one can die - better not play play.

Photos up at Google Web album. Videos will be up later.


  1. Hi,

    Good run.

    Any idea where i can check the team and indiviual rankings? The intercon website has no update.


  2. The PA not so efficient. Last year the results was emailed to the participants like 3 months later.

  3. Sorry bro, last year the results was out one week later, maybe your comms channel at your end is a little slow. We needed a week last year was becos we were trying out the electronic timming sys. Sys got a little bit screw up, so we have to manually run thru all the results to confirmed.

    This year is a little bit diff, so here is your results just in case the comms at your end stretch and we get the blame.

    Ong Boon Chye 22:36.05 15-143 39th
    Goh Lean Seng 16:15.22 15-144 3rd
    Quek Seow Seng 20:28.01 15-145 27th
    Jessica 25:42.74 15-343 51st
    Tan Lee Huang Molly 00:22:38.84 15-345 30th
    Koh Sai Teck 21:27.75 15-585 120th
    Tan Kek Leong 25:02.90 15-587 167th
    Nur Muhammad Bin Jalil 21:10.13 15-588 114th
    Wang Kong Seng 20:20.86 15-589 95th
    Abdullah B Abdul Azid 19:59.55 15-590 88th.
    Team overall ranking 18th out of 52

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the result. Just to clarify: I didn't run last year. My Mrs did and the results was emailed to her very late by the team captain. Unfortunately, the results were never updated on the website.

    By the way, you listed Goh Lean Seng as 3rd in the results above but he actually came in 2nd and received the 2nd place prize from Ms Jessica Tan.

  5. Oops, sorry your are right, is 2nd, my typo error. My apologies. Full results should be up tomorrow. Sorry I have no control over the uploading part.

  6. Any idea where to get the full results for all teams? Thanks

  7. Hi whoever you are asking for the rest of the results:

    Results can be found at the pa website:

  8. Hi mysterious person from the organising committee:

    Thank you every much for your reply and help. Noticed the results are now posted online unlike last year.

    Also, must say that the event this year was well organised without any big hiccup. One suggestion - maybe next year can consider some sort of baggage deposit? We had to leave our bags in one corner and hope that by the time we return, it was still there (it was thanks goodness).