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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Running Lab Annual Dinner

Went for the RL Annual Dinner at Raffles Town Club on Wednesday evening with Eddie, Terence and Sebastian. The RL has grown very fast - from one outlet in Funan to 3 outlets now - 1 in Novena and another specialising in outdoor adventure also at Novena. The RL has certainly spiced up the competition in the sports retail line. It was the first shop to have a treadmill in house and NB and Nike soon followed. Than Mizuno came up with some specialised software to measure the foot but at the end of the day, nothing beats human passion and RL has plenty of that as all the staff are selected because they are passionate about running or sports. At the dinner, the staff were going gaga over a new range of shoes launched by Zoots and offering to the boss to test it out. With such passion and zeal, RL should continue to do well in the years to come - more so as they continues to bring in running gears that are not commonly available in Singapore.

As guest, we didn't expect anything but they were kind enough to include everyone in the lucky draw and so all of us came away with something. They are indeed very generous. Each attendee has a pair of socks as a door gift, the staff got an extra t-shirt. We volunteers get a pair of 'Sole' insole. For the games, our table won the bingo game and so each one of us got a SIGG bottle and finally for the lucky draw, I walked away with a North Face watch and a $100 Zoots voucher. Terence was even luckier - he won the prize everybody was eyeing for - the 1st prize of a RS400!

Many many thanks to Walter for inviting us to the dinner.

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