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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shape Run 2007

The men still don't get it.

This time round my contingent of ladies are doing the 10km. As usual, went down to support them by taking photographs since we men can't run. Parked myself on top of a huge flower pot just outside the former Clifford Pier and managed to take some nice shots and videos. Simmply too overwhelmed by so many ladies couldn't managed to snap most of the sgrunners although managed to took photos of all the ladies, a colleague and little sis.

See the full set of photos at

The front three runners were so fast they lead almost by a gap of 300 meters right from the start till the end. M did well to finish in a PB of 55.58. Karen also did well to finish under 60 minutes. In fact all 5 ladies got their PB.

The video of the 10km start. See the big gap between the top 3 and the rest

The video of the 5km start. Again the front runners are far ahead but at least there are more of them.

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