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Monday, November 05, 2007

New Run Route - Simei - ECP - Changi - Loyang - Tampines - Simei

Running in the evening always carries some risk - bad weather, last minute appointment, etc etc but wanted to sleep late so switch the morning run to evening. Crossed fingers and in the end everything turned out fine and managed to went for my run.

Decided to try a new route. From home ran the usual way via the Bedok Park Connector to East Coast Park and ran toward NSRCC. From there moved on to Changi Coastal Road running along the park connector. This is like the 6th times I ran there for the past 2 months? Changi Coastal Road is approximately 7km long from the start of the park connector next to the SAF Yacht Club till the Changi Ferry Terminal. Realised that the red brick shelters are spaced 1km apart. Useful as a distance indicator.

The stretch from the Changi Ferry Terminal starting from the park till Changi Beach is 3.3km (at least it said so on the distance indicators on the ground). Didn't run till the end though.

Turned off into Telok Paku Road after 2.7km. By than the sky had already turned dark as it was already past 7pm. Saw a runner dressed all in black and running on the road instead of using the footpath. Sigh. When will these people ever learn to run safely!

Hit into Loyang Ave. This was one of the most grueling stretch as it slopes gently upward all the way till Pasir Ris. Distance was approximately 4km but it sure seem much longer.

Finally, went into Tampines, popped into the Cheers supermart at the Esso petrol station for a drink before continuing home to Simei.

Total distance covered 26.5km or thereabout.