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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Somebody commented recently on one of my earlier post on his MBT and how it doesn't last. Consoled him that 18 months for a pair of shoes is good enough and secretly thanking my lucky star that mine was still going strong after 15 months of wear.

1 week later discovered a tear on the seam of my MBT. Is that suay or what?

Went back to the shop and was told repair (they called it resoling) has been temporarily suspended. In any case, it will cost $170 cos they need to send it to Australis for the repair! I almost faint when I heard that. $170 for repair! I might as well buy a new pair but then hor a new pair cost $380.00.

Sigh..Worn a normal leather shoe to work yesterday but after more than a year in the MBT couldn't get use to the lack of comfort and support in the shoe. Went home bought a tube of glue - viola - hopefully the self repair will last me another 6 months.

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