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Friday, March 21, 2008

Esplanade Park

Back felt much better. Retained the ko-yeok but went off the pain killer.

Didn't want to chance it but still wanted to de-stress from the mad rush in the office today so decided eventually to go for the RL run. Took it easy and instead of joining the 10km group, went with the ladies for an easy run while taking the chance to come up with a new route to avoid all the construction going on around the area.

A possible route - Start from open place next to High St Centre,

along the river to Esplanade Park, 1 round around it, up the Waterfront building to Esplanade Bridge, back down to Esplanade Park, cross Connaught Road and round the Padang before going back to Esplanade Park and back to the start.

Total roughly 5km. Quite a runnable route and should be acceptable to most runners. Suitable for newbies, also for those who want to chiong as there is relatively low pedestrian traffic if skip the Esplanade part.

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