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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knee Pain

Was running with a young lady today at the Running Lab run and she disclosed that she had knee pain. Was a bit surprised as she was barely past her teen. A colleague also shared that his daughter in JC 2 had knee pain. Both young ladies are not hardcore running. The former is a netball player and the latter a member of the JC's kayaking team. The only running they does is the warm up before they start training for their respective sports.

In the forum, it is so common to read of runners with knee pain - everybody call it runner's knee although I suspect for each runner, it could be something totally different.

Knee pain as I understand it can be caused by ITB, poor running gait, wrong shoe, weak quads, and for the older folks osteoarthritis.

With the number of people with knee pain increasing - could it be caused by something else other than running? like say diet? Lack of calcium perhaps??


  1. no la...calcium wun help in cartilage. Collagen and glucosamine more likely. lack of calcium causes Bone loss aka osteoporosis

  2. Hi Tekko, you are right. There are so many potential causes of knee pain. Runner's knee is just a generic term that refers to a subset of causes that are commonly seen in runners. Any structure in or around the knee can result in a perceived knee pain (e.g. menisci, ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, fat, bone, neurovascular bundles etc). Sometimes, perceived knee pain can be due to a problem from the hips or back (causing a "referred pain" which appears to originate from the knee).

  3. netball and brake too much

    kayaker...maybe pressing their knees too much against the kayak...