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Friday, April 25, 2008


Haven't been swimming for some time. Finally dragged myself down to the pool this evening. Surprisingly, was able to swim quite smoothly not like usual where I struggled from start to finish.

Hmmm wondered why the sudden improvement? Was it due to the presence of the 2 bikini girls who were doing laps as well?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JPMorgan Corporate Chase Challenge 2008

Every year I swear that I will not do this race yet I am back for the fourth time. So why am I doing it?

1. It is free. Company pays 100% of the forever increasing registration fee.
2. I get to have a new running tee, design choose by me. This year I opted for Saucony.
3. I am in charge of sports in the Company and as long as there are colleagues who want to run, I guess I should set the example and lead the way. This year there are 12 of them but 1 backed out last minute.

As usual, there was already a big crowd gathered when we reached. I managed to squeeze myself to within 20 metres of the start line. Looking around me, it is the same. Aunties standing here, big group of runners from the same company. Sigh, can't these people read and follow the directional signs. True enough, when the race was flag off, again had to fought my way through the big crowd of giggling yakking idiots.

The objective was to run a good race if it was at all possible so it was important for me to move to the front early and find some space. My apologies if I had been too rough and pushed a lot of people away in the process. Didn't see any people I know so ran at a reasonably fast pace once I cleared the crowd. A glance at the watch at the 4km showed I had covered it in 18:54min which mean with 1.6km left, I was on target to finish within 25 mins if I continued at the same pace. However, since the rest of colleagues were far behind, decided to take it easy. Stopped for a drink and slowed down the pace. In the end, crossed the finish line in 26:58mins which was good by my standard - a sub 5min pace. Not a PB but still pretty satisfied with the outcome.

The goodie bag was again miserable - this time round the shopping bag was an improvement over the previous drawstring bag but there was only 1 cotton t-shirt and 1 sample sun-block! And they charge $45/- for the race! The angmoh certainly knows how to suck us dry.

Incidentally, Sebas who was carrying a PF injury and claimed he had not done any real runs for a long time romped away in 25:25mins. Guess I will never be able to catch up with this guy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sightseeing Run

Woke up to the sound of rain. Siah have not been doing much running this 2 weeks and was really looking forward to this morning run. Decided to just go ahead. Picked up Ayin and Trencen and went off to Pierce.

Unfortunately, the rain got heavier as we went nearer our destination and to cap it off, a tree had fallen across Old Upp Thomson Road. A car appeared to have crashed into it as well. The road seem impassable even to those on foot. After checking that the motorist was okay, we uturn back almost ready to give up. Hopefully, no cyclists or other motorists will hit it.

Then Trencen proposed to go to Labrador so off we went. Halfway through, we changed mind again and ended up at Kent Ridge. The intention was to do the infamous NUS Hill route but later realised non of us know the actual route. Tried calling Wend88 but couldn't get her so instead we decided to just do a sightseeing run as 1) it was already getting late 2) both Trencen and Ayin had not run here before.

We started from the at Kent Ridge, up to the wooden bridge and down Pepys Hill. Lord almighty! there was another fallen tree right across the road. Hmmm seem like the trees are falling like dominoes all over. But no car has hit it:) Yet.
Managed to scrambled under the tree and continue down to Pasir Panjang Rd. From there to Labrador Park (Tremcen got his wish after all) and than on to Alexandra Road. Turned into Hyderabad Road and ran around the estate (Canterbury Rd, York Rd, Cornwall Road, Winchester Road) admiring the beautiful black and white. I first run here 2 years ago with sgrunners in the famous inaugural laksa run and it was nice revisiting the area. Supposed to go back to Kent Ridge via Queensway but we managed to spot a sight next to the Hort Park that pointed to Kent Ridge Park and took a short cut from there back. Yippee no need to run alone the road and cross the AYE! But this last part was tough as it was a mass of uphill zigzag paths but still a good challenge.
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So in the end I got my run though my poor running kakis had to bear with my slow speed but they got no choice. I was the tour guide for the day ha ha ha!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Rain

Can't believe it. At 5.30pm it starts to rain. Look like the Tuesday night rain menace has strike again! So for the countless time, carried back my running bag without opening it. Could have joined the CBD runners but too lazy. But in the end, got home and eventually went for a short run.

And this is why most of us run so much: click here

So if anybody want to enjoy good food but don't want to put on weight..come take up running:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spira Casual SWC 201

After 1 month of wearing leather shoes and slowly killing my feet in the process, finally gave up and went to buy a new pair of work shoes. My first choice was still a MBT replacement for the bereaved MBT but with the price now an astronomical $390.00 had no choice but to look for cheaper alternatives. After doing some research on the internet, finally shortlisted the Springboost.

Went down to Great World City to take a first hand look but unfortunately, they are all sports design and not suitable for office wear.

Finally, settled on a Spira casual walking shoe model SWC 201. Now I have been meaning to buy a Spira running shoe to try out but has always put off the decision so I supposed trying it out on walking first could serve it purposes.

According to its website, "unlike traditional shoe midsoles made primarily of foams, rubber compounds, or polymers, WaveSpring™ technology stores and disburses energy with every step. Testing performed by an independent source reports that 87% - 96% of the energy is returned from the WaveSpring™. This is the highest energy return score for any midsole material ever tested.**" Hmm, so not really what I need for my foot but this will do until the Springboost come out with a proper black work shoe.

Anyway, first day of walking, the shoes was a bit heavy as compared to the leather shoe but definitely much lighter than the MBT. The cushioning is good just like any other sports shoe so this suit me just fine. For $159.00, I think it is pretty decently priced and well worth the money.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Slacking Time

The gear in my running bag have not been unpacked for 2 weeks even though have brought it to the office 4 times already. 3 time rained out and 1 time work commitment. Seem like it rains on alternate day here in town on Tues & Thu only.

Luckily, me not so slacked. Went home and managed to do 2 short runs on the 2 Tues. For the Thu, yah I slacked.

Last weekend, had my Sat run cut short and Sunday was just a short 8 km run. So mileage pretty low these 2 weeks.

Supposed to do the Dusty Run today in the West to make up for all the slacking. Was so looking forward to it since last time ran there was in my army days. Darn, out of the blue, am down with a cold or flu (can never tell the difference!). So going to slack again this weekend. lol

Thursday, April 10, 2008


My friend, IMD is now Ironman twice or is it thrice over?

Now we know the true face behind the Ironmask lol:

picture courtesy of Aram

Ironman, marathon wannabes, interested in looking for a coach to help you achieve the challenge of your lifetime?

Call IMD Ben. More info on IMD Ben here He will guide you to achieving your goal!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Politics and Sports

There has been a crazy amount of protest in connection with China hosting of the Olympics Games. Sports and politics should never be mixed together.

Granted that China has a dismal human rights record. But trying to link the 2 together is not going to move China or change anything. Interrupting the torch relay, possibly events at the games is only going to strengthen China's resolve to cramp down hard on what they see as their dissidents marshallings world support against the Chinese government. Making them lose face in front of the world is definitely a no-no and never going to work.

Instead, people who are against the Chinese government should work together with the Chinese government to make the Games a success. And when there is international acclaim, then perhaps the Chinese government will be willing to take a second look at the side issues so as to further enhance their reputation and face.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Head Over Heels Couple Run 2008

First race for the year. Not exactly a race more of a fun run. This one is for couples, married or otherwise. Distance was short only 8km and the couple has to finish together.

Weather was good this morning and as there were only 109 couples, it was not crowded. We started somewhere behind but gradually managed to move into the top quarter. The face was giving a little bit of trouble but it was bearable. We ran at a pace that was fairly manageable to M - around 5.40min/km. It was a good run and we managed to finish together in 41:58 mins which makes it like 5.15min/km. So I guess the distance is a bit short more likely to be just 7km. But still it is a good start to the race calendar for me.

Other sgrunners present were IMD/Yee Hua; Brokie/Vincent; Freddy/spouse; Billy/Tricia and HoHo Runner/spouse. Also got to know Supramaniam from Malaysia and Wendy, the mystery lady also from Malaysia who out of the blue contacted me last year to register her friends for the Real Run. Terence was also there with his wife but they didn't run due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Encouraged by the MC, a lot of couples were finishing in style - from the mundane hands holding to piggy back to kisses... There was also a short game at the end before the prizes were given to the top 3 runners by Prof Kunalan.

For the registration fee of $38/- we had a very good goodie bag:

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trail Shoe Comparo

Went to MacRitchie for a run. Teelee, Trencen and Ayin came along. The objective was to tty out my North Face Arnuva 50 Boa with T@z. The plan was for us to ran half the distance and exchange shoes - my TNF Arnuva 50 Boa with his Salomon XA Pro 3D. The idea was hatched in an earlier blog when I just bought the NFA50B.

As expected, like the comments from friends who had worn the TNFA50B, the shoe was very slippery on the wet ground even though the surface was pretty rough. Otherwise, the shoe was fairly responsive on the uneven terrain. T@z pointed out that unlike most trail shoe, it lack a toe protector. I think it is more suitable for road running which is where I intend to run most of the time. No more MR!

We changed shoes at the Ranger Station.

The Salomon XA Pro 3D on the other hand was much lighter than the TNFA50B and very comfortable. Had a bit of difficulty getting use to the laces though. Didn't managed to tie it tight enough and so the shoe felt a bit loose. But overall, I prefer this to the TNFA50B while on the trail.

Coming back to the start point, just before the fitness corner, tripped over a root or rock and went flying. Ended up with bruises all over, 3 stitches above the lip and a big bruised ego. Seem like I really not fated to run at MR:(

Friday, April 04, 2008

Medical Results

Just got the results of my latest medical. A 100% clean bill of health. No high blood, no high cholestrol, blood sugar okay, ECG okay blah blah blah.. of course that does not mean that I will not drop dead during my next run or any runs - touch wood!:) but it means I can continue to eat my pork trotters; char kway teow; laksa, you tiao for the next 1 year. Ha ha!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spine Analysis

Passed by a road show offering a free back analysis. Since it was not crowded, allowed myself into being coaxed to do the test.

Had to stand on two weighing machine while the lady measured my back with two strings mounted on a frame. Surprised to find out my body is quite out of balance. My left side of the body is almost 10kg heavier than the right. No wonder when I run, I land so much more heavier on my left leg than the right.

Also, apparently the spine is tilted towards the left. Not too sure which come first, the out of balance weight or the out of alignment spine. Either way, according to the chiro, the outcome is there will be back pain, shoulder pain etc etc