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Friday, April 11, 2008

Slacking Time

The gear in my running bag have not been unpacked for 2 weeks even though have brought it to the office 4 times already. 3 time rained out and 1 time work commitment. Seem like it rains on alternate day here in town on Tues & Thu only.

Luckily, me not so slacked. Went home and managed to do 2 short runs on the 2 Tues. For the Thu, yah I slacked.

Last weekend, had my Sat run cut short and Sunday was just a short 8 km run. So mileage pretty low these 2 weeks.

Supposed to do the Dusty Run today in the West to make up for all the slacking. Was so looking forward to it since last time ran there was in my army days. Darn, out of the blue, am down with a cold or flu (can never tell the difference!). So going to slack again this weekend. lol

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