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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to....

Last December I ran the full marathon and finished wonderfully - no cramp, no aching legs no nothing, not after the race, not the days after. It was to me the 'perfect' race This was finishing on a high and I had vowed then not to do anymore full marathon. So I resist the temptation to sign up for the inaugural Sundown Marathon and was contented to do my short little runs.

Than M read about a certain running female MP who did the full marathon with just few short runs per week and decided she also wanted to try. Me kept my mouth zipped tight - I knew what was coming and when she didn't broach the subject anymore, whew....

And than, yesterday night, I wired over the money for the 1st Borneo Marathon :( So what gives? Turned out she still want to do her marathon and so poor me have to tag along. Sianz now back to the long tiresome runs:(

Er early bird registration for SCSM started next week! I think I need to have my brain examined.


  1. Hi Tekko!!!

    You should read mind your body from ST today!!!!"No age limit"

  2. Uncle Tek, u staying away from long runs is like the mouse staying away from the cheese. Don't kay kay la, u shiok only ah :p

  3. Looking forward to your next marathon FR :) I am sure you will have just as much fun, if not more...