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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inter Con 2008 Results

What the heck! The Inter Con results are out and what a screw up! First, our team was supposed to be in 8th place but it was subsequently revised to 9th.

Then the individual results were released and my time is stated as 29:28 but my watch time was 27:38. There was no way my timing is off by almost 2 minutes even if I used chip time which I did not! Further, one of my team mate's time was stated as 29:26 placing him in front of me when I saw him finish behind me!

The photos taken are the evidence. The time stamped on my photo at the straight line to the finish line - roughly 50 metres away was 5:54:35 while my team mate (who finished faster than me according to the result)- the time on his photo was 5:56:30 a clear 2 minutes behind. There is no way he could have caught up with me over 50 metres and cover a 2 minutes deficit unless I had fell down or slept on the floor! Further evidence, another team mate, Zco who was in front of me - (his official result was 27:01) and the time on his photo was 5:54:07 so I couldn't have taken 2 minutes to run the 50 metres. Even my grandmother, God bless her soul, could have walked faster than that!

Although there is no prize and I am still unplaced no matter what timing, it is a matter of principle to me. Of course, all this ranting is not going to do anything or alter the result but if any of the people in charge of the timing system is reading this, your timing program sucks! And I truly hope it will be more accurate come the AHM.

One thing for sure, this is truly my last inter con run.

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