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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Approached this race with apprehension. After last year screw up, originally didn't want to sign up. But then M went to sign up after persuasion from a friend who told her she might get a chance to come in top 10 since there was not that many runners in her category. So to keep her company, managed to swindle a complimentary entry courtesy of Running Lab.

As things turn out, the race was much better organised this year except for the route. There was no road closure and on certain part of the route, we had to run on a narrow pavement 2 abreast. Also, thought they were going to do the race in waves but ended up they did not do so. Still other than this, everything else was pretty okay. Weather was good. It threatened to rain but did not and was cloudy throughout. Did a pretty consistent run throughout and finished in 52:43 (self timed). There was an announcement before the race that the actual distance was 10.3km so this will likely be a PB for me. Yeah! M came in slightly slower than last week Shape Run at 55+. That put her out of the running for a top 10 finish. Ha ha she need to put in more effort than this if she want to finish top few!

Bummed into many sgrunners and also M's boss' husband. Took a photo with him. He said he's going to run next year race. The official with him looked skeptical lol but this big shot, got money anything also can.

A sneak preview of some of the photos taken by Alicia:

All the complete photos here

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