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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really Last Words

In the past few days a couple of running friends asked me why I stopped blogging on the Nike+ Sports Band. These are the reasons why:
A) The display eating disease has spread to the 2nd digit. So now both the 1st and 2nd digit can only display half the character which coupled with the poor visibility makes it totally unreadable. At first was still able to use it if I don't read the display - just start it and end and upload and still can get the data but than hor...

B) One part of the connector has chipped off. Maybe the insertion was too forceful too rough not gentle enough but now it can't communicate with the PC anymore.

So the Sports Band is as good as dead.

And since this was given to me by Nike for review purposes and since I have not really wrote a lot of favourable comments about it, I doubt they will replace it for me unless.....

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